Too Many Cops, Not Enough Punk

by Copsickle

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released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Copsickle Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Cops In The Freezer
The cops came around just the other day, seen me chillin' with lines on my tray. Flipped on the lights and turned around, I'm getting damn sick of that oink oink sound. Pulled out my gun and began to spray, these pigs are not getting me today. Dragged em' downstairs and kicked in his head, now he's chillin' on my waffles and bread.
Ch: Cops in the freezer, Fuckers in my cellar. Shouldn't have fucked with me you stone cold fella'. Now you're chillin' freezer-burnt. There's no more people you can hurt.
Run upstairs to clear the scene, holy shit! There's a fucking swat team. I'm so fucked, I try to hide, I hear those cunts breaking inside. Pulled out my guns and begin to spray those fucks aren't getting me today, run downstairs, I didn't die, It's time to warm up my pork pig pie.
Track Name: Appallmart
Destroy your country, destroy your town. They've got the lowest prices around. Foreign products for pennies less. The individual business they'll depress. Save a dollar, save a dime. Forget about the labor crimes. Christian ethics, low low wage. Working with people 10X your age. Monopolies, Fascist greed, they'll exploit the people in need. Corporate rape, with a smile. The whole Country's in denial.
Track Name: Broke As Fuck
Well I'll take this $7 I got leftover from rent, head down to the grocery store to see what I can get. Can anybody please tell me why, I just can't seem to save a fucking dime?
Ch: Well I just can't come up with an answer, when I have to choose between food or shelter. Why I always seem to have no fucking luck. Does anyone know what it's like to be broke as fuck?
I think this recession is finally getting to me...could have to do with the fact that I've never been this hungry. Or the fact that I just can't seem to hold a fucking job. And I've never been one to impress a fucking boss.
I'm not a bad person and I try to do things right. But it feels like I'm losing this fucking endless fight. And the CEO's give themselves million dollar pensions, while I struggle just to eat in this fucking capitalist nation.
Track Name: Dumbstep
Sonny-No-More fucking chaos pad! You're just jumping on another fad. Sitting in front of a computer screen, won't get you respect in a real scene. You used to bitch and complain on a microphone, about being depressed and all alone. Your new sounds sound like ass. They make me wanna slit my wrists worse than From First To Last.
Ch: You used to tell emo fables, now you're just a dink with turntables. Why don't you slit your wrists for real this time? Your brain washing all the kids, go dubstep off a bridge. I don't wanna hear another shitty bass line.
If I seen you on the street I would kill you...actually that is not entirely true...First I'd take a hammer to your face, then cut off your Mohawk disgrace. Pour acid in your ear, then you'd understand what I hear. Pull your teeth out one by one, a cheese grater I will force in your bum!
Track Name: Political Guy
Freedom of speech is a thing of the past, just how much longer will this free country last? No voice to scream, no opinion here, just a nation filled with lies and fear. Pass more laws to keep us in line and beat us down with your Gestapo swine. The abuse of power fills me with disgust, to fight for our freedom is something we must!
Ch: Censor the nation, censor the net, if you could censor the people then you'd be set. Busting my balls as your busting my head, if there's no more protesting I'd rather be fucking dead.
The government wants you to have no opinion, just a working mindless fucking minion. Fight their wars and pay their tax, just don't use the internet to look up facts. They're afraid of what you might find, that they're the worst parts of humankind. Make thousands a day by raping you and me and throw you in jail for watching a movie for free.
Track Name: Last Friday Night
Got a 6-pack of Black Ice, hate the taste but I love the price. So we pound it in the back street, pick up a bag we got friends to meet. Buy another mickey for the walk, now we're trashed it was only three blocks. Emo kids are gonna lose, at them I throw a bottle of booze.
Ch: Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink some more. Pull your ass off of the floor. Crawl to the fridge and grab another, You're one drunk motherfucker.
Stop at Denny's for a puke break, Rob order's three beers, oh for fucks sake. Shot-gunning Red-Bull to make the night last, now we're running GRATUITOUSLY-FAST! Piss drunk, can't drink no more, time to visit the liquor store. Stumbling in for a case of beer, I puked in the cooler let's get out of here.
Track Name: Quittin' Time
Working down at A&W, Angry people yelling at you through the drive-thru. And you smoke, smoke, smoke, cause your jobs a joke. And you drink, drink, drink every time you think about this expensive land they call a free country. Underpaid and underappreciated, that's the way we'll always be so if you're not at your dream job sing it with me.
Ch: I can't wait to quit my job, I can't wait to quit my job, I can't wait to quit my fucking job. I can't wait to quit my Job, I can't wait to quit my job, Fuck you I quit now gimme my paycheck.
Working for a roofing company, well that's alright if you like working 80 hours a week with no overtime pay, and no respect. Shady-ass boss, but what would you expect from another company that doesn't give a shit about its employees.
Track Name: The Straight Edge Song
Standing in the bar, daring not to move. I see your mascara, what are you tryina prove. Your think your better, so Goddamn mature, cause you can keep a conversation and composure.
Ch1: Go to the bar, and buy a BEER! I'll chop you a line get the fuck over HERE!
Ch2: No beer, No Fun, Go and grab your Daddy's gun! No speed, No weed a bullets all you need!
You look so hardcore, you act so badass. It's time to get the fuck off of your Goddamn self-righteous ass. And go live your life, while you still can. And for fuck sakes wipe that motherfucking jiffy off of your motherfucking-bitch-ass hand.